“I believe that we’re creating music that is honest, original, and radically different from anything else that is going on in the whole ‘alt country’ scene.  Call me crazy, but I think we balance songwriting, entertainment value, and alittle bit of weirdness unlike anyone else.” -Slo' Tom

So really… who is Slo’ Tom? His story is the stuff of legend. Tom burst upon the 1990’s punk/alternative scene and his band FurnaceFace soon became a nationally know entity releasing five albums, major label distribution, videos with heavy rotation on Much Music, multiple CMVA awards, and a dozen national tours. Tom has spent a decade reinventing himself as a songwriter.  

"Ottawa's ultimate HARDcore, HARDliving, FUNloving, PARTYBAND!"

   What about the Handsome Devils? Who are they? Well, they could be described as something of a national capital super group. Wonder child JJ Higgs (guitar, lap steel) hails from the east coast and is one of Canada's premier chicken pickin' style guitar players that everybody knows is the backbone of hard core country music. Drummer Jon ‘Killer’ Kiely has been along-time fixture on the Ottawa music scene not only as a drummer, but as a lead singer and guitar player. Bassist Rob ‘Chops’ Snazdell-Taylor has also fronted his own groups and has been a support player for popular Ottawa bands. Together, Slo’ Tom and the Handsome Devils are creating music that combines traditional country arrangements with a dash of Canadiana (think Stompin’ Tom and Gordon Lightfoot) and a endearing sense of humour.

-Rob Bennette-The BushPilots

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FurnaceFace 1992 Thunderbay